Abhinav Education Society’s

College of Education (D. El. Ed.)

NAAC Accredited ‘B’ Grade

Welcome to College of Education (D.El.Ed.)

Welcome to our distinguished D.Ed college, where we are committed to nurturing the educators of tomorrow. With a legacy of excellence in teacher training, our institution stands as a beacon of knowledge, innovation, and dedication to the field of education. Our comprehensive curriculum blends pedagogical theory with practical teaching methodologies, ensuring that our graduates are equipped with the skills, insights, and compassion required to make a profound impact in the lives of their future students. Our experienced faculty members are not only experts in their respective domains but also passionate mentors who guide and inspire aspiring educators every step of the way. As a student at our D.Ed college, you will embark on a transformative journey, honing your teaching abilities, fostering critical thinking, and embracing the responsibilities of shaping young minds. Join us in this noble endeavor, and together, let’s shape a brighter and more enlightened future through the power of education.

2-years diploma course.

Focused on Primary Teachers Training.

Can get job in Private as well as Government sector.

It combines classroom teaching with an internship and hands-on training.

About College

Established in year 2005,the D.El.Ed college is innovative educational institute of education society located in Ambegaon. The college offers non-granted one degree courses in education (Approved by NCTE Bhopal & Government of Maharashtra (Affliated to Mumbai University) and has intake capacity of 100 seats.(Marathi Medium-50 & English Medium -50)

The college is equipped with latest facilities such as classrooms, Multipurpose room, Seminar room, Girls, and Boys common room, Well equipped library, psychology lab, well equipped ET/ICT lab.

"Dedicated Education, Empowering Dreams."

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Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping individuals and society as a whole. Their influence extends far beyond the classroom, leaving a lasting impact on cultural , social, and academic dimensions of our lives.

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Teachers are custodians of culture, passing down knowledge, traditions, and values from one generation to the next. They celebrate diversity and foster an appreciation for different cultures, promoting understanding and empathy among students.

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Teachers are instrumental in nurturing social skills and emotional intelligence among students. In the classroom, they create opportunities for collaboration, teamwork, and communication, teaching the importance of cooperation and empathy.

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Teachers are the forefront of knowledge dissemination, equipping students with the essential skills and competencies needed to succeed academically and professionally.

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Effective teachers foster a love for learning, igniting curiosity and a thirst for knowledge that extends well beyond the classroom walls. They identify and nurture the potential in every learner, providing personalized support and guidance.

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Teachers teach critical thinking, problem-solving, and information literacy, preparing students to navigate the complexities of the modern world. They instill a growth mindset, encouraging students to embrace challenges and view failures as opportunities for growth.

What Our College Say

Focus on Practical Teaching Skills:

Our D.Ed college emphasize practical teaching skills and methodologies that enable students to become effective educators. The curriculum often includes hands-on training, classroom observations, and teaching practice in real educational settings. This practical approach equips future teachers with the necessary tools and experience to excel in their teaching careers.

Specialization in Early Childhood Education:

Our D.Ed college focus on early childhood education, which is a critical phase in a child's development. By specializing in this area, our college prepare educators to understand the unique needs of young learners, create engaging learning environments, and implement developmentally appropriate teaching strategies.

Strong Pedagogical Foundation:

Our D.Ed college typically provide a strong pedagogical foundation that covers various aspects of education, including educational psychology, curriculum design, assessment methods, and classroom management. This comprehensive knowledge base allows future teachers to adapt their teaching approaches to diverse learning styles and individual student needs.

Supportive Learning Environment:

Our D.Ed college fosters a supportive learning environment where students can collaborate with their peers and faculty members. Small class sizes and personalized attention facilitate better interactions, leading to a more enriching educational experience. Additionally, such an environment encourages professional networking and lasting connections within the education community. Overall, a reputable college plays a crucial role in preparing competent and compassionate educators who can positively impact the lives of their students and contribute to the growth and improvement of the education system.