Principal’s Message


Teacher is the undisputed pivot in the complex system of education that operates anywhere around the world and despite the emergence of high end information and Communication Technologies. He/She continues to enjoy this key position in the teaching,learning process. Place of teacher is particularly of paramount significance in societies like ours where most of the learners still depend for their education entirely or predominantly on formal instutational setting which is characterized by face to face interaction and sharing of experiences with teachers and occassionally, they resort to the use of technology to supplement and enrich what they learn in schools and colleges under the guidence of teachers.This respectful status of course,is earned by teachers through their professional commitment dedication and facilitating attitude towards students. Quality of education is determined by the quality of teachers.Which hinges on their professional preparation and disposition.
Abhinav education society’s Adhyapak vidyalaya joins hands with the community to mould young minds in to well adjusted personality ready to face on challenges of a multy complex society. We make education a pleasurable process. We make pupil teacher to think with reason and cherish creativity among them.We try to develop not only the subject knowledge of the pupil teacher but competency for physical and mental fitness,leadership and greater awareness.
The developed and developing countries of the world are constantly searching for persentening discoveries and inventions in different fields of life all the time.Information technology, space technology,genetic technology,Nuclear technology are changing and will be changing human life radically. Future teacher should get acquired with these innovation.The entire atmosphere of our adhyapak vidhyalaya is conductiv to the over all development of the student.
We at Abhinav strongly feel that our passion for perfection is the foundation for tomorrow.

Mrs Jagtap Savita
Abhinav Education Society’s
College of Education (D.El.Ed)